Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good times, great oldies.

For those of you who are not familiar (god bless you), Columbus, GA is a military town. I have always had an ongoing *almost* love affair with all things military, but I have never immersed myself in the knowledge or been able to be fully swept away with the lifestyle. It is still fascinating, though. I respect the discipline, the hierarchy, the extreme commitment by those involved. It makes so much sense from the outside, but it is flawed like everything else. It is a human organization, so there are mistakes and politics and probably an enormous amount of bullshit to be tolerated. But they have supremely fast aircraft and that's a big draw for me.

Recently, I heard an interview with Gregory Levey on NPR who was talking about how, as a (bored) law school student in NY, he was unceremoniously drafted into writing speeches for Ariel Sharon. You should listen to his story. The U.N. is actually a really kickin' club and I want tickets to their tea parties.

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individually wrapped slices said...

Ummm, I would totally dig being a military wife. But just not one of the fat ones. My friend's dad was stationed in Hawaii. How fun is that? But, with my luck, I'd get some dude that lost his leg in Iraq and cant read un rite good.

Im sure you meant the military thing in a whole different direction than I just took it.

You're so very welcome.