Monday, February 9, 2009

New: Things, News, Thoughts, Orleans

I thought I might post a new blog. I mean, post a new blog post.

Ok, Mardi Gras is happening. I think that if the rest of the country were aware that Mardi Gras is actually a month-long celebration, they might be very jealous. Or angry. Or both. I've said it before and I will now type it: The city of New Orleans is very much like its own country. There are more reasons for this statement than I care to post at this time. More on that later.

I am anxiously awaiting new books from Amazon. I will finally own a copy of Light on Yoga--a secret mystery book on my cultish practices that includes incantations and different yoga poses for each deity that I worship. I will also be reading The Body Ecology diet, recommended by the R. Thomas folks. It's about putting good stuff into your body to appease the gods.

OH! I just found out where to get fresh produce in NOLA--the Hong Kong Supermarket. I can't wait to go!!

I dyed my hair a new shade of red. It looks way darker than I want it to be. I look like a vampire, but I have to admit that I feel more comfortable in this city now. (Because it's full of vampires, you see.) I have also involuntarily reverted back to my original paleness. Oh, wait, I'm supposed to say "porcelain-ness".

I love po'boys!

That is all.