Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Hotness

An extremely more detailed report will follow, but let me just tell you how amazing Costa Rica is. It´s amazing. I do NOT want to leave. A brief listing of activities that I have engaged in over the past week and a half:

bungee jumping
canopy zipline tour
crazy hiking through rainforests
hiking to a few intense waterfalls
jumping off one of the intense waterfalls
mangrove tour in a boat replete with monkeys (originally I didn´t know nor did I care one iota about mangroves, but now I consider them part of the hotness)
absofuckinglutely fresh roadside fruit stands with the biggest carrots I have ever seen (i.e. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde episode of LooneyTunes circa 1983)
Turkish Delight smoothies
wild horses
fresh coconuts cracked open by machete beachside
hell yes

1 comment:

individually wrapped slices said...

The zipline and waterfall thing is making me drool right now!

DOPE. Were you just describing the overall experience or did you actually do DOPE? <--rhetorical.