Friday, March 6, 2009

Adventures in Foodland

I've made a couple of soups out of The Body Ecology Diet book and I have to say, so far, I'm very unimpressed. I made the Quinoa Hash for some guests recently and, boy, do I wish I had tried it myself before serving it unawares. GOLLY, IT WAS BLAND. Needed tons of salt and flavor. It was nothing like the quinoa dishes I've had at R. Thomas. What is their secret? Does anyone know? I made the Broccoli and Fennel soup a couple of weeks ago and it was bland...ONLY UNTIL it sat in my refrigerator for four days and I tried it one more time because it looked like there was only a bowlful left and I ate it--finally--THAT tasted alright. I also made the Cauliflower Dill soup and it's kinda bland and watery looking. I tried to boil a lot of water out, but imo, it needs something with substance like cream or seafood or something. Perhaps the answer is...crawdads?

Speaking of crawdads, I attended my first crawfish boil recently. They were free and they were delicious, but impossible to eat quickly. Also, you need to eat A LOT of crawfish to get full so my advice is to eat before going to the boil so the crawdads are like little yummy nuggets of southern love in your mouth and you're not scrambling to eat multiple plates like a starving mooch.

So, to sum up: Body Ecology Diet recipes: Overwhelming blandness. Crawfish boils: yay!

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